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Month: October 2020

2020 Flu Vaccination Clinics Schedule

Let’s Vote!

Why Vote?  This year your vote is more important than ever. Voting is one of the best ways to make sure your voice is heard. Communities of color tend to vote by mail less. Maybe due to a historical attachment to voting in person, or living in a community that

Multi-Generational Living During COVID-19

Many people in our Fresno Community live in multi-generational households, often with limited space. COVID-19 poses an even greater threat to those of us living in close quarters. Here are some steps from the CDC you can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your own home.   Staying Safe

Staying Safe While Gathering

If you’re getting together with people who don’t live in your home, you must follow a few basic rules:   Wear a Mask  Stay Six Feet apart   If you can, quarantine for two weeks before gathering  You’ve heard it all before, six-feet, wear a mask, quarantine. When you see your friends,