Meet Stephanie Franklin, a Resource Specialist at African American Coalition. 

The AAC COVID-19 Equity Project is here to serve, protect and provide resources to Fresno’s Black Community. Before Stephanie became our fantastic, hardworking Resource Specialist, she was one of the individuals we helped. 

Stephanie was eight months pregnant with her daughter and living in a homeless shelter. A week before she went into labor, she contracted COVID-19. Once we learned about Stephanie, we worked to provide her with furniture, underclothes, baby gear, transportation, and transport to a place to stay during recovery.  

Now, Stephanie works alongside us at AAC, and we’re pleased to have her as our Resource Specialist. She serves the community and provides COVID-19 education and information along with resources. AAC helped her gain employment, knowledge and experience, and the ability to give back to the community.  

If you or someone you know needs help or access to resources, call us at (559) 486-1444 or Text RESOURCES to 31996 

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